10 July 2009

Wedding weekend.

Okay folks. I am outie like a bellybutton for the rest of the weekend (Yay vacation day!). My bestest friend in the whole wide world (that isn't my husband) is getting married this weekend. Yay Beth and Ethan!

So, this wedding weekend means I will be out of the blogosphere, twitterverse and interwebz for the next couple of days. I intend to imbibe plenty of libations, eat well, sleep in and celebrate with a purpose. Because it isn't every day your best friend gets married, right? Plus my date is Beth's teenage sister who loves Project Runway, Sex and the City and high heels... me thinks we will get along splendidly!

Enjoy your weekend, soak up the good weather and relax. Y'all have earned it! And if you have some spare good thoughts, throw them out into the great wide universe for good real estate karma (for us!) and a wonderful happily ever after to Beth and Ethan.

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