21 July 2009


I was going to write a post today about my stepson and brother in law and how family can be a pain in your behind. But then I stopped by Soldiers's Angels Germany's blog and got not only a reality check, but also a healthy dose of all that is right with our country. If only every fallen soldier got a homecoming like this. I cried like a baby (at work, no less) and felt so much pride, so much honor, so in debt to this man and his family... we, as a country, can never repay or replace what they have lost, but the very least we can do is honor them.

Rest is Peace Sgt 1st Class John C. Beale
Riverdale, Georgia, Georgia Army National Guard 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team.
May we never forget you or the sacrifice you made for us.

WARNING: This video is long, about 12:35, but worth every second. And it WILL make you weep openly, if it doesn't you are a lost cause. It is also worth noting that all of these people came out to honor this soldier after only a small notice was posted in the local newspaper listing the route and approximate time. It makes me so hopeful and thankful that people do still care. Especially when it counts the most.


J.L.S. said...

Definitely bawling like a baby! Thank you so much for posting this. I think we can get so disheartened at people's seeming lack of support for our husbands and the other soldiers out there. This was so inspiring to see.

Ash said...

every time I was like, "okay, get a hold of yourself, breathe," I'd lose it again. it does give me hope that there are people supporting my husband besides his family and other military families.