24 July 2009

LiveBlogging: The PCS, Part 6... or is it 7?

Okay- this one is going to be short: I have successfully gotten us on the waiting list for housing at Fort X. In about 5 or so months, some sweet* senior NCO housing should be ours. And I did it all by myself... mostly. It was super helpful having the assistance of a digital sending machine (not to be confused with a standard scanner) at work... it puts as many documents as you want into one handy PDF file and it is way faster than a fax. So yeah, I got off track.

We are on the housing list. And that is one step closer to this thing being done! Now, I just need to remember to call the nice lady around 45 days before I want to move in! Happy Friday everyone!!!

*this totally depends on your definiton of sweet.

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Bree said...

YAY for you girl! We've been "moved in" at our new post for over 2 weeks now & I'm still exhausted from that move. *sigh*