14 July 2009


So, Mr. I Need to Move Into Your House RightThisMinute pulled his offer. I am pleased about this. And that feels odd. But seriously, 3 weeks? I think I would have ended up hopelessly addicted to both No Doze and Red Bull. *shudder* No thanks, homie.

Anyway, there are two scheduled showings today and a Realtor-Only Open House. My fingers are still crossed and I am still waiting to talk to someone from PPSO who has actual clout to get the skinny on how much time I really need to get the ball moving. And Swiss, being the wonderful husband and miracle worker he is, managed to get a shiny new Power of Attorney for us, so that we can legally sell this house without risk of me ending up in jail for forgery. (Even though his name isn't on the title or deed, our state makes him half owner since we are now married. The old POA we had didn't go into selling property since we didn't think he counted as an owner- mistake!)

I say Onward and Upward. Hopefully some of the activity over at Casa de Tucker y Swiss will result in new offers and we can get this mess over with. Though the prices of extended stay hotels is, in a word, INSANE. I fear that I will end up living with my in-laws. Not sure how I feel about that one yet. Blargh.

Okay, back to work. Next agenda item is to insert toothpicks in my eyes so that they stay open. And try to mainline more Diet Cokes without my coworkers noticing.


Jenny said...

You can come stay with us, but it'd be a mighty long commute. :)

Keep ya chin up!

P.S. Your word verification for this post was "cones." And now I want ice cream. THANKS A LOT!

The Army Wife said...

Good lucky lady. It will all work out!

Army Duck said...

Just checking in to say I hope you are doing awesome and that I was thinking about you :-)