18 July 2009


*Note: You must sing this like you were at a Def Leppard concert, though no spandex is required.

So I realized that I "talk" A LOT on this blog. I am one wordy girl. Which I suppose is the point, I mean, how much fun would this blog be to read (assuming that it is fun to read) if I never wrote anything? But for today, I just thought I would pipe down, sort of, and post some photos. So here ye go!

Our house, up for sale. Squee! Ain't she cute? I'm going to be sad to leave her, but if the price is right, I'm guessing I'll get over it! ;)

Noble Sir Fletcher Colbert Schnitzellicker. He looks so handsome here! Don't be fooled!!!

Me... KNITTING! Seriously, I get how to cast on now... that is huge! I suspect the wine had something to do with it. Isn't the color of the yarn purrty? It's Peruvian... ooooh!

4th of July fireworks, as seen from our back porch. The tripod Swiss's parents got me for Christmas did wonders in getting this photo...

My Mom (in the brown) and her best friend playing Guitar Hero. Awesome.

Okay, that's all I have. I hope y'all have a wonderful Saturday and guess what? We are almost half way done with this deployment. HOOAH! :)


The Army Wife said...

ok yay! love the pictures. LOVE the picture of Fletch. He looks so regal :) And, jealous of your knitting. Now I want to go out and buy some knitting needles. Although I was also wanting to paint this weekend (craft store run for tiny canvases, here I come!) .... *sigh* ... the endless opportunities of fun! Ok ... enough of my rambling in your comment section about nothing that has to do with your post ... bye :)

Army Duck said...

Yay for nearly being at the half way point!! and yay for knitting!! and yay for red wine making everything work so much better :D

Jennifer said...

Knitting with pretty, pretty Brittany needles and pretty, pretty yarn! (Leo ate my size 8 Brittany needles last weekend ~ damn dog.)
You are one talented woman!

loquita said...

Cute house!

Your mom plays Guitar Hero? That is full of win!

My one and only knitting project took 3 or 4 attempts at casting on. My breakthrough was a YouTube video. :) Happy knitting - I *do* love the color. :)

Meghan said...

It was so fun to see your pictures! I can't believe you are almost halfway!! :)

Jenny said...

Picture of your mom playing GH = ABSOLUTE WIN.

Kanani said...

I love your house. It's so cute, so ...cozy and warm looking. Anyway, the dog is adorable. Is he getting a new bedroom at the new place?