30 July 2009

Thursday, you suck.

Okay, so it isn't that bad but I have already had to clean up poop in my house. Dogs suck. Then I had to walk to work in the rain. Never fun. And then? MY HEEL BROKE. At 0825. Now I have to shuffle around work like a geriatric old lady with osteoporosis. All day long. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.

And my cute shoes! They are ruined! These are the only shoes I have that go with my favorite dress. The one I am planning on wearing to pick up Swiss for R&R in. Now I have no shoes. And now that I want classic but sexy tobacco colored leather pumps with a stacked heel... I will not be able to find a single stinking pair. Gah!

Oh, and my Lab Director (aka: my boss's boss) whom I told yesterday that I was leaving in November, came by my desk today and asked me if I wanted to be called Tucker A or Tucker T. I said it depended on what the A and the T stood for. His response? A=Abandoner and T=Traitor. Nice right? So I chose T just to be spiteful.

But in other news, someone is looking at the house again today. Fingers crossed that there is an offer on the way, but I doubt it. Selling houses is no fun I tell you! My parents are coming up for the weekend, so that will be interesting. That is a lot of dogs in one house. And a lot of people. And there is a dinner tonight with the in-laws too. But that isn't anything a little (okay, a lot) of wine can't fix!

Okay, well I guess I should go work or something. I hope y'all are having a better Thursday than me!

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Kanani said...

Okay, well shit and shoes!
Sorry about the bad start.
I really hope someone buys that house.

I'm back from NYC. The editing job I was going to pick up did not work out! Arghh...on the other hand, I ate a lot of cake.