30 March 2009

10 more things.

Okay... so here are 10 more random things about me. I'm not posting these because I think y'all lay awake at night wondering what my favorite cereal is, but mostly because I have nothing else exciting to share. Aren't you lucky?

1. Speaking of cereal, my favorite is Quaker Oatmeal Squares. They ain't sexy, but they taste real good.
2. I am an only child and Swiss is the youngest of 6. SIX!
3. My favorite band is Coldplay. The old stuff is just as amazing as the new stuff, but Viva la Vida is my favorite album (followed closely by X&Y)
4. When I was little I called macaroni & cheese "Monkey Cheese"
5. My favorite phrases are "Do better" and "Woosh Go" (Topped only by when Swiss says "I love you")
6. My 3 favorite movies are: Almost Famous, Amelie and The Sound of Music. (But on any given day About a Boy might sneak in there... I know, I know, it's a soft 3)
7. I have hazel eyes. Green one day, brown the next... sometimes they even get blueish.
8. I like to put "ish" on the end of lots of things. (See above and below)
9. The color of my hallway paint is called Gertrude. (It is a peachy-pinkish and Swiss doesn't mind it.)
10. Our favorite take-out is Chipotle. Hands down.

Don't you feel better knowing these things about me? (It's okay to say no.)


The Army Wife said...

I am constantly amazed at how much you and I have in common :) Although, I will argue that I think X&Y is the best Coldplay album. I DO LOVE Viva la Vida, though. In fact, I may need to put that on ....

Also, I can watch Almost Famous every frickin' day. I never get sick of it. "Rock Stars have kidnapped my son." LOVE IT!

Tucker said...

Girl- this is getting creepy! :) I like it!

Yes, it is probably a tossup between X&Y and Viva... both are SO good!

And I love that you love Almost Famous too- Oh, it is fabulous. "The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you are uncool." Aaah, Lester Bangs, the man is briliant.

The Army Wife said...

I love Almost Famous so much that when I was in college, I totally sported a coat like Penny Lane's. Yeah, you know the one I'm talking about.

I wish I still had that coat!!!

Tucker said...


That is real love there. I am way impressed!

neverapartinheart said...

I like to ish things too :-)

Me and the hubbs like Chipotle too. He never had it until we went to Vegas last year...and then we had it every day while we were there. He fell in love lol.

Tsoniki said...

I add 'ish' to way too many things.

loquita said...

I'm the youngest of 6 too. :)

Gotta get the new Coldplay album, have only heard the songs that have been on the radio, but I really like them. X&Y is my fav album.