14 March 2009

10 things...

It is officially waaaaaay to early to be up on a Saturday. But dogs must pee and I haven't yet mastered Swiss's talent of falling back to sleep after ANY disturbance (then again I don't have 18 years of Infantry experience learning to sleep whenever and wherever).

So, because I am bored and the good cooking shows don't come on for another hour I've decided that y'all need to know random things about me (and because, well, you've earned something light & fun loyal readers... all 8 of you... because you put up with my rants, like yesterday, and I love you for it). I am starting out with 10 things but be warned: They are not profound, nor are they fascinating. They are just 10 little things that make me, well, me.

Here goes...

1. I love Orbit’s Minty Mojito gum. It's so tangy and fresh and it's the closest I can get to drinking on the job.
2. Given the choice (and snow/ice is not involved) I will always choose to wear flip flops.
3. I secretly want to be Posh Spice. Seriously. I love her and she is hilarious (it is totally worth the 3:47 to watch this video, it always makes me giggle and she is so fabulously fun, and she can stop a soccer ball in heels. Okay, I will stop gushing now.).
4. My dog is named after archery equipment.
5. I adore Sharpies. They are quite simply the best writing tool ever invented. Check this out. No average pen could do that!
6. I can’t imagine a life without Diet Coke. Honestly.
7. The only time I ever got stood up for a date was in Venice, Italy.
8. I love folding laundry and ironing. Once I heard that Martha Stewart loved to iron too and it made me sad because she is MARTHA and I will never be as good at it as she is. Party pooper.
9. I loathe doing dishes. Something about floating food bits... grody.
10. I grab my husband’s butt every chance I get. *I cannot help this, nor can I stop it (though I will admit that I never really tried). It is like my hand is solid iron and his butt is a powerful magnet. A force of nature that cannot be denied... or at least that is the story I am sticking with. Aren't you glad you know that?

Now don't you feel better knowing all that about me? No? Oh. Okay. Anwhoodles, I am off to watch some cooking shows and then head to class to paint some more. Hooray for painting! Happy Saturday all!


Jennifer said...

Diet Coke - agreed!
Grabbing cute husband's butt? Me too! (My husband, not yours. You knew that, right?)
You'll have lots of catching up to do when Swiss comes home ;-)

liberal army wife said...

grabbing butt...well... duh. Thought everyone did that.


kimba said...

It's especially hard to resist a butt grab while going up a ladder behind J while we're on the ship. Just sayin'.

And really, a nice ass is a nice ass. I may not grab your husband's, but I might think about it ;-)

Tucker said...

Amen to that! Yes, a nice ass is a nice ass, and I happen to think that Swiss's is particularly nice. So I'll let you look, and thinking about it is never wrong! ;)

loquita said...

LT and I are mutual butt-grabbers! :-D I think we shocked some old people at KMart the other day, hehehe

liberal army wife said...

loqui - they were envious!