17 March 2009

The kitchen: part 2

First off, of course I want your opinions! You all are smart, witty and clever ladies who have had more than your fair share of kitchens to deal with... why wouldn't I? Thank you for all the great input yesterday- y'all rock!

Second, in regards to the market here. It is good. Better than the average because our town is home to a 'destination medical center' (talk about marketing terms, right?) so there is always an influx of new residents and employees. Plus, our house is within walking distance of said hospital and in a historic neighborhood... 2 big items that we hope will go a long way in selling this house.

We currently have... wait for it... parquet wood flooring tiles as our counters. Niiiiice. (I know you are all SO jealous!) My mom and I got all crafty on it when I moved in (back when I was single) and sanded it down, wood-filled the heck out of it, and painted it a faux black marble. I love the dark counter tops, they look so good with all the white and the lighter floors! But again, pretty taste specific... I can't imagine that they are everybody's cup of tea. So, with that in mind I've picked out some black options to stay with what we have, or some beigey tannishness options to lighten things up.

So, without further adeui, here are our choices... (all are laminate, we just aren't in a Corian or stone price bracket).

New Countertop Samples, originally uploaded by Tucker&Swiss.

Note- the black ones will be in another post because I am not smart enough to figure out the blogger/flickr issues I am having...


loquita said...

That sounds like a great market -- I know exactly the kind of thing you're talking about with new medical residents coming in all the time. My sister practically got into a bidding war trying to grab a house when she moved to the hospital where she is currently doing her residency.

My favorite counter top options are 1 and 6. I *love* that you are doing the faux marble/stone thing because it looks the same in the end, and costs soooo much less. Plus the little specks hide a tone of dirt, which rocks.

One tip on pics when Blogger won't cooperate. You can upload pics directly to Picasa (that's where Blogger puts them) and then grab a link to them from there. If you want more specific info, just email me. :)

Sara said...

I like 1 & 3 the best.

liberal army wife said...

If one of these is rough, not smooth, grab it. I know one of the black ones is - the one that is usually in stock at Home Depot - because that's what we used in our MN house. What I love -it NEVER shows a scratch! ever!

My only problem where you live - your US Rep... and my husband's very conservative family lives there...


Butterfly Wife said...

What is in our current house is close to #1. It is not good. Here's why. You cannot see anything on it. You have to clean it by feel. And a clean countertop is important for food safety. I would go with something lighter, like #4 or #5.