09 March 2009

Because one blog isn't enough.

So, since one blog isn't enough (clearly my husband is deployed and I have nothing better to fill my time with) I have started up a new twee little blog: Tucker & Swiss Part 2: Art Supplies & ACU's.

I'll be using this blog to post photographs I've taken and paintings I've done and inspirations I find along the way... Its all about the arty, not the Army. So anyway, feel free to swing by when you get bored... it isn't anything too thrilling but it is my new pet project that will hopefully keep my creative juices flowing while Swiss is away.

Okay, that's all! Hope everybody's week is off to a good start!


Jennifer said...

You crafty girl, you.
Alison told me you've started knitting too. Keep busy. It helps time go by...

An Carol said...

it`s nice project .