12 March 2009

Shiny newness.

What do y'all think? Do you like it? (I am referencing mah shiny new header up there. I think it is quite schmancy!)

I am trying to spice things up to get me out of this weather induced blah-dom. It doesn't help though that Swiss and I are suffering through an Army induced radio(phone) silence. It sucks. But I digress. I am using caffeine, flickr, Community Ed classes, my iPod and enchiladas to get me out of the funk. God, if enchiladas don't work I have no idea what to do next except add margaritas!

Anyway, things here are fine. I am anxiously awaiting Spring like a junkie awaiting their next fix. Seriously, this winter is killing me and I was only here for 6 weeks of it. (I think that is a clear indication that we need to move south-ish, no?) But I am really pumped about this weekend... I have a birthday celebration with a friend on Friday and more oil painting on Saturday (with bonus wine-counter time at Val's place). So all we need do is get through the next 2 days... work is such an inconvenience! Gaw!


loquita said...

Yeah, work sucks, that's why I quit my job! :-p hehehehe Couldn't resist throwing that in there. :-D

I really like the new header!

Bette said...

Schmancy! I like it.

Add the margaritas. You need the vitamin C, especially in that miserable cold.

Tucker said...

Bette- I love that you have now made margaritas, in my mind, vitamins. I LOVE YOU FOR THAT! :)

Kanani said...

Hey, that's a really nice header! Caffeine is essential. So is sleep, however, it comes at the expense of caffeine!

Enchiladas as good --so are tamales!

Anonymous said...

Did someone say margaritas?!
I knew there was a reason I've never developed scurvy.

Anonymous said...

PS: I love the header!

The Army Wife said...

Margarita's??! Where??! Can I come? You should have added those anyways! :)

Love the new header!

Army Duck said...

Ohh that is pretty snazzy!!