19 March 2009

The kitchen: part 4

Here they are folks! The faucets! Hooray! Number 'em 1-4 like yesterday and let me know what you love!

Tomorrow I will post everything together and we'll see if it looks fabulous! :)


loquita said...

I am liking #3 -- is that the one where you just pull on the end of the faucet, and it becomes a sprayer?

I like the high "set" of that faucet, because I think that makes washing dishes and filling pots a LOT easier. Otherwise, I would have picked #4.

This is fun! I love voting for all this stuff. :-D

Butterfly Wife said...

I'd pick #2. I love having a sprayer, and I don't have one at my current location. If #3 is like Loquita says, where the sprayer is inside the faucet, then I'd go for that one. Less stuff to clean around than #2.

Army Duck said...

I like number 1 because I like the idea of having a seperate hot and cold tap rather then a twisty one for both (like my technical terms)

Jennifer said...

I vote for number three. Pull out sprayer looks more tidy than a sprayer on the side, and the height of the faucet makes filling pasta pots and washing larger pans much easier.

It's so much fun spending someone else's money! Thanks for letting us play.

LopsidedMom said...

No kidding, I finally broke our kitchen faucet last weekend. There was a leak and instead of plumber's tape, I decided to push on it rreeaalllyyy hard. Oops. Now the knob just goes round and round and you have to stop it at just the right place to stop the flow. Oh, and there is still a leak.
So I'm just saying, I've been looking too and I'm pushing for #3 in this casa.