02 March 2009

Starbucks wisdom.

I was hesitant to post this… solely because it would bump Daniel Craig further down the page. But I found a nugget of wisdom that was printed on my Chai 2% Latte this morning:

“I have faith. Faith in our wondrous capacity for hope and good, love and trust, healing and forgiveness. Faith in the blessing of our infinite ability to wonder, question, pray, feel, think and learn. I have faith. Faith in the infinite possibilities of the human spirit.”
James Brown (Emmy-winning sportscaster and co-host of FOX NFL Sunday)
And you know what? James Brown is right. And good for you Starbucks for putting such nice messages out into the universe with every cup of joe.

But, then again they also told me on my cup insulator that “Your next ‘Action Item’: Do as little as possible.”

Methinks that might offset the all the good ju-ju they put out there on the cups. Either way, the Chai Latte was super yummy. Oh, Swiss and I just marked 1 month down this weekend... only 11 more to go! Happy Monday All!

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