07 March 2009

Happy little trees.

Today is my first oil painting class. I am just a twee bit giddy!

I have wanted to take this class (through Community Ed) for ages and it always filled up or conflicted with my schedule. But now I get to go! Even Swiss is stoked. He has a million ideas for me to paint... now I just need to know how to do it! I'm hoping it goes well and that I really like it.
So, I am going to chanel Bob Ross and am off I go to paint happy little trees, happy little streams, and happy little clouds. Wish me luck!

PS: I've been putzing around with a second blog with my paintings and photos... check it out if you like, it still needs tweeking... Tucker & Swiss Part 2: Art Supplies and ACU's.


LopsidedMom said...

Yeah!!! I'm so happy that you are doing this for yourself and I can't wait to see what you paint!

Tucker said...

Thanks! I am really excited too and it will be good to get the creative juices flowing again! (And get out of the house!) I'll be sure to post whatever I end up painting!

Household6 said...

I used to watch that guy on public tele! Cracks me up about the little fluffy clouds and that natural he's wearing.

I came by way of Bette in case you were wondering.

Tucker said...

Thanks for stopping by Household6! I loved watching Bob Ross on public TV when I was a kid! And that fro!!!

Kanani said...

Wow. That hair. I remember when guys walked around with hair picks.

loquita said...

I always used to watch Bob Ross on PBS when I was home sick from school. It was so mellow, I loved it! I've never painted with oils, just watercolor. Have fun in class!