16 March 2009

Muwah-ha-ha Monday.

Confession: I read the military news on yahoo.com.

Promise to Self: I will no longer read the military news on yahoo.com until Swiss is home safe and sound.

Yeah, I might have self-induced some panic this afternoon at work. I read an article about our forces shooting down an Iranian drone in Iraqi air space and buried at the bottom was a bit about how a US soldier died in the capital today. Swiss didn't call this morning like he usually does... and cue internal freak-out. Thankfully, about an hour later Swiss called. Turns out he was booked in meetings all day, hence the no call this morning. Big, deep, sigh. Phew... that sucked hard. So I am definitely not playing that game anymore. Fo sho!

But on the plus side, it is B-E-A-Utiful here today. 62 and sunny and I am loving it. Every window in the house is open, I took Fletcher on a nice long walk (he is blissfully wiped out on the floor as I type this), saw my first 6 Robins and got loads of fresh air- no jacket required!

So I am off to eat some dinner, pay some bills, watch Dancing with the Stars and Castle. I heart the television. Happy Monday all!


Jennifer said...

I also have a self-imposed ban on military news when Jon is deployed. Self-preservation!
Sun, spring, exercise (not to mention a phone call from hubs)...all good!

Bette said...

Ditto Jennifer -- I go on periodic media blackouts when my sweetie's deployed. It never helped when he'd call and say, "Don't watch the news for the next 24 hours." Thanks, buddy! I'll go barf now....

Anyway, I'm glad it was a false alarm. Enjoy the gorgeous weather!