20 March 2009

Round up.

Love, originally uploaded by Tucker&Swiss.

I am missing Swiss so very, very much today so just because I can I'm giving him so blog Love. This was taken on our visit to Duluth last summer and that is Lake Superior in the background. Oh, how I miss him... it creeps its way into every part of my day, even my dreams. At least we are close to another week down. Is this thing over with yet???

I am generally swamped today and don't have much mojo so I will post the kitchen choices this weekend. I'm really excited and all of your input has been tons of help! (And Hooray for keeping the dark counters!)

Here's wishing all of you a super weekend and enjoy the Spring weather!


Jennifer said...

You just wanted to post a picture of his cute arse - admit it!

You know I'm teasing. It's a beautiful photo. You two are in my thoughts. I hope you get to communicate with him sometime soon.

Keep busy and enjoy your weekend.

Tucker said...

Well yes, I do like to share the perfectness of his arse with you all! :)
Thanks Jennifer... You are always so sweet! Have a super weekend yourself!