01 March 2009


Swiss is in his new location. I think I can finally send him mail (!). Which means I will be making Val's excellent Snicker doodle recipe post haste. Yum. Nix that, Swiss just requested Monster cookies. I told him I couldn't possibly chop up the dog and put him into cookies. heh.

Actually,Fletcher is doing fine and he let me sleep until my alarm went off this morning. And he hasn't peed anywhere he shouldn't yet (though it is early). Hallelujah!

I am SO over this cold, bitter, snowy, icy winter thing. Ask my why I live in the upper Midwest and I honestly couldn't tell you. Fort X is looking like Daniel Craig about now.

You are welcome for that, BTW.

Swiss and I have decided to take a second Honeymoon when he gets back... and talk of this makes me positively giddy. Where should we go? What should we do? Stay near or travel far? Tropical? Woodsy? Beachy? Lodgy? Such decisions!!!

Anyway, that is all I have to share. Nothing too exciting here... but I did get new slippers! Woot!


loquita said...

Oh my lord, THANK YOU for the Daniel Craig picture. I needed that. It's March 1st, and snowing here in PA - very depressing after a wonderful spring-like day on Saturday.

I keep teasing my husband that I'm going to make him wear a Daniel Craig-esque swimsuit if we ever go away on our tropical trip.

If I was planning a trip, I would want to go to one of the Caribbean islands, to somewhere all-inclusive. Or the Riviera Maya in Mexico. :)

PS - Have been reading for a couple weeks, officially delurking w/ a giant comment! :-p

Tucker said...

Loquita- you are most certainly welcome! I say nothing cures the wintertime blues like a sexaaay swimsiut wearing Daniel Craig! (And I keep telling Swiss the same thing about the swim trunks!)

I was thinking all-inclusive too... just get away from it all and not have to worry about a thing. Have you ever been to the Riviera Maya? Got any tips?

And thanks for posting too! I've been lurking over at your place too! Welcome to the madness Loquita! :)

liberal army wife said...

oh... girl, after all that crap on Dover... this is just just just... oh.... Daniel Craig, a good bottle of wine, some good chocolate... hm....

that boy is just too gorgeous for the ROOM!...

sadly deprived deployment crazed - LAW

Tucker said...

I know, right? Mmmmm Daniel Craig. I think maybe the 007 movies will get me through my deployment induced deprivation. Rrawr! :) (PS- I think Daniel Craig gets hotter with wine, if that is even possible!)

slightly salty said...

will you be meeting up with Swiss for an R&R anywhere during this deployment? When Obi-Wan got his 15 days of r&r from Iraq, we went to Italy. It was at the 9 month point of the deployment. I didn't know if Swiss would be taking any leave and what you would do with that time.

Tucker said...

SS- I think he plans on coming home so we won't be meeting anywhere fancy. We are planning the 2nd honeymoon for when he gets back from the deployment... though Italy sounds pretty fantastic! I guess we really hadn't thought of taking a vacation during R&R. Though I think the in-laws wouldn't like that much... Oh well. Thanks for the input though! :)

Jennifer said...

Mmmmm. Yummy Daniel Craig.
What is wrong with our husbands that they refuse to wear swim trunks like that? Don't they understand that good things would happen to them if they did?