15 March 2009

Busy bee.

In a rare burst of both motivation and energy I've been a whirlwind of activity today... and it is only 1430! This is not how I usually spend my Sundays (think PJ's all day, marathons of America's Next Top Model and trying to teach Fletcher to roll over).

Speaking of Fletcher... here he is. Anyway, I got to talk to Swiss (swoon!) which was awesome, then I hit up SuperTarget (I love me some Target), I mopped the floors, vacuumed and made chili. I. Can't. Wait. For. Dinner. Nom.

Then I embarked the MONUMENTAL task of organizing, de-cluttering, and purging the dreaded Back Room. (You know you have one too!) Can I just say that the sheer volume of Army manuals that reside downstairs is enough to completely train all of my neighbors in the ways of the Infantry... I could produce some serious E7's or better here. (We also likely have enough equipment down there to outfit the neighborhood too!) Anyway, now they are all in a confined, contained area and I am not moving them for fear of a thrown out back.

Here they are in all their glory...
So that has been my Sunday. I am back in lounge clothes (I had to chase Fletcher through my neighbor's muddy yard in bare feet. Awesome.) and will be settling in to do my taxes here soon. But don't you worry, there is plenty of telly watching and lounging in my future. That's just how I roll.


Jennifer said...

Go, you!
Fletcher is a doll-face.
I'm digging your orange dutch oven.
The chili looks YUMMY.
Glad you got to talk to your sweetie today.

slightlysalty said...

That chili looks seriously yummy.

loquita said...

Dude, I think our pubs are breeding and multiplying... That is a project on my list of stuff at the house. Unfortunately LT lost the hardware to the two bookshelves, ack!