13 March 2009

Have I been in a coma?*

*The asterisk is because there is swearing in this post. If you aren't game, stop reading now. Sorry.

Mmmkay. I just saw this over at cnn.com: "After 6 years fighting in Iraq, Americans' interest wanes" and all I can say is, Huh?

This is news NOW? Last I checked, I am pretty sure that the American public lost interest in this war about 2 years ago (if not more). But seriously, you should read this. It is full of really great insight into the 'American public'.

Like this little gem: "...based on recent polling and exit polling from the November presidential elections, the war isn't a big concern to Americans." Well, then, by all means bring my husband home and close up shop. I'm glad none of you are concerned about our troops. I am glad none of you lay awake at night worrying about your husband's safety (in the shower or otherwise) or if he will even come home. Awesome. Oh, and you are welcome. Asshats.

Ooh, and this one slayed me: " 'And obviously after six years, Americans are going to be a little sick of it,' said Michael O'Hanlon, a national security expert at the Brookings Institution." You know, I feel for you American public, I really do. Because guess what? We military families are just so NOT sick of it. We love this! Honest! Actually, we want MORE! More deployments! More PTSD! More Purple Hearts! HOORAY FOR WAR! I am SO fucking sorry that YOU are sick of it poor, poor American public. Asshats squared.

BAAH! *breathe* Okay. Rant over. I know I was a bit harsh, but really people? Really???

It has been one of those days... I am stuck late at work (after coming in early- fantastic!) and I work with a bunch of morons. But, the silver lining is that I get to go out to dinner with a great friend and eat yummy Indian food (I'm hoping for booze too! Does that make me a lush?) Hope I wasn't too much of a Debbie Downer for your Friday afternoon... here's wishing y'all a super weekend with lots of sunny, warm weather! And no stupid 'American public'.

P.S: Glad y'all like the new header too! :)


liberal army wife said...

welcome to the club honey. alot of us have been screaming this for YEARS now... and every so often some asshat in the media will write one of these drivel filled blurps... and we get pissed all over again.

My usual feeling - no shit Sherlock - we are pretty sick of all this, believe it or not...


LopsidedMom said...

I saw that headline too and had the same reaction...and LAW has it right...you sort of reach a new normal with it all and then some copywriter comes along and writes something insanely stupid that makes you remember how much is on your plate.
Yay for cussing!!
And my word verification is "matenuns." Nuns that mate?

Snarky Navy Wife said...

There is no better word than asshat. Though some days I prefer twatwaffle, asshat usually wins out.

There is waaaay too much asshattery both in the American Public and in the media. I don't think we'll ever get away from it, though. Stupid people breed more than intelligent folks, which is slowly skewing our public more towards an Idiocracy*.

New normal or not, it's insane to think that there's so much population that considers the war a throw-away topic, something to address only when there's nothing more exciting or attention-worthy.

*and the only thing wrong with that movie is that the entire population had not become insanely, morbidly obese eating nothing but junk food and drinking nothing but electrolytes. ;)