31 March 2009

2 months.

59 days down. Only 306-ish to go.

Ugh. That still sounds like a lot of days.

These past 2 months have been... well... interesting. There have been emotional struggles, additions to our family (hey Fletch!), creative endeavors, family drama, new projects, and the small matter of figuring out what my (our) "new normal" is. There have been weeks and days that have flown by and there have been ones that slowly creep along like cold molasses. There are good day and there are bad, there are also just ho-hum neither-nor days. But the best thing? The days apart are getting less and less.

Swiss has been in country for a while now, the unit has finally joined him and the rest of the advance party. Their accommodations are sparse and their access to basics are variable, but he is in good spirits (and I will be too once they get the phones installed!) and doing well. His missions have all been inside the wire, mostly involving getting things up and running for the rest of the unit's arrival. This knowledge helps me sleep at night and not be completely neurotic more than you could ever know. It remains to be seen what he will be tasked with once things are finished at their base, but I'm holding out hope for more of the same. We've been able to talk/e-mail quite frequently, though we are on a phone hiatus right now (don't ask unless you want to hear a rant!), and it has gone a long way in making this doable. We are doing our best to keep connected and get through this together- it seems to be working so far!

I have tried to stay busy, from adopting a dog to taking art classes, blogging, planning a kitchen remodel and helping out with the FRG. Things have really taken off with our liberal group of MilSpouses- LeftFace is our pride and joy and I am constantly amazed by how incredible those women are. I am also beyond thankful for finding them and for their friendship- I can't imagine how different these two months could have been without them. I've already sent 4 care packages to Swiss, which I probably like putting together and shopping for a bit too much, and have elaborate plans for home-made granola bars this weekend.

So all in all, these past 2 months aren't at all what I expected them to be like, but that pretty much sums up every military/Army related experience I've had so far. It has been hard at times, borderline unbearable even, but it has also been okay. Most of the time, actually, it is fine (I won't say it is good though because nothing is actually good when Swiss isn't around). I miss him more than I can explain, but the support I've gotten from friends and family have helped me stay afloat, stay positive, and stay focused on our future.

We are 1/6th done. Hooah.


liberal army wife said...

You STAY that way too. there will be days that will test every tiny nerve you own and days when you won't be focused on him being gone. and we'll get through it together.


Tucker said...

Thanks LAW- we WILL get through this together! Thanks for all your support and wisdom and humor- this would be so much harder had I not met you!!!

liberal army wife said...

support, of course... humour - ok. wisdom? not so sure about that part. alot of that - is age!

Post Tenebras Lux said...

Hooah, indeed =). It's great to cross a chunk of time off the deployment calender, no matter *what* size it is.

Meghan said...

Happy 1/6th done!!! Congrats :)

Tucker said...

Thanks PTL and Meghan! I'm pretty stoked that next month is 1/4 done! I'm hoping for a fast April!

Thanks for all your support and well wishes!

Jennifer said...

For a newish (I thought you'd like the "ish" at the end there) Army wife, you are doing amazingly well.
Keep it up, girlie.
And go to your friends when you need to rant. They (we) can take it.

Post Tenebras Lux said...

Thank you =).

Tsoniki Crazy Bull said...

Considering it's already three months into the year, April is going to FLY by. Yay for that!